Challenge #1

Posted on March 5, 2015

Take a route you’re familiar with but have never photographed along and photograph someone or something every 100 or so steps.
— Vanessa Winship

Vanessa adds…
“I’ve spent most of my photographic life photographing what is unfamiliar to me, so I thought it might be interesting to consider what is familiar but unphotographed. It’s about attempting to see the familiar with fresh eyes. I like the idea of creating a relatively narrow framework, a kind of limit and see how expansive you can make the work. I’m imagining that you could repeat the same journey several times and come up with different images each time. How does the same route differ on different days and what remains the same. Do you sequence the images (the journey) chronologically or do you put them together randomly and if so what links one image to another. You can make it playful by changing the number of steps if you repeat the route several times.”

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Vanessa Winship has chosen a handful of member images from Challenge #1 for an article about the project featured on the BBC News website.

Vanessa Winship’s favourite responses to challenge #1:

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