Become a Supporting Member

If you’ve taken part in 12 by 12, one our previous projects or have simply enjoyed following the project please consider backing us by becoming a Supporting Member. You can do this by giving a small one-time donation of your choosing. There are different personalised rewards available depending on how much you like to donate (see below).

This year we’re supporting the wonderful photographic charity PhotoVoice, so half of your contribution goes to them.

We’re a non-profit organisation but it does take many hundreds of hours a year to run the project and there are overheads to cover so if you can, please put a tip in the jar and support 12 by 12.

We would love to help support PhotoVoice, become an on-going project beyond the end of the challenge periods and release exclusive content for Supporting Members – you can help us do that. Thanks so much!

Supporting Member rewards

Up to £5 – A PDF version of the 26 by 26 Members’ Book, a credit on our website and in the 12 by 12 Members’ Books.

Between £5 & £20 – An individually tailored 12 by 12 thank you postcard. Plus a credit on our website and in the 12 by 12 Members’ Books as well as the 26 by 26 Members’ book PDF.

Over £20  – 12 limited edition postcards with the text of each of the challenges on them (delivered at the end of the project). Plus the individually tailored thank you postcards, credit on our website and in the 12 by 12 Members’ Books as well as the 26 by 26 Members’ book PDF.

Supporting Member FAQs

Does it cost to take part in 12 by 12 as a member?
No. We’re suggesting a donation rather than a mandatory fee for the project as we would like to make 12 by 12 accessible to all, no matter what their financial situation. Any donation that you can make would help towards covering our operational costs and would be hugely appreciated.

Where does my donation go?
Half of your payment is donated to the wonderful photographic charity PhotoVoice. The payment to the charity from all our supporting members will be made at the end of the project in March 2016. PhotoVoice’s vision is for a world in which no one is denied the opportunity to speak out and be heard. Find out more on their website.

The other half of the donation goes to your reward as supporting member and some of the running costs of the project. Examples of the on-going costs of running the project include include book production, web hosting, design and printing. It also takes many hundreds of hours to run the project.

We’d like the project to be sustainable beyond the end of the 12 challenges, your donation as a supporting member will help us to do that.

When will my reward(s) be delivered?
If your donation entitles you to a thank you postcard or 26 by 26 Members’ Book PDF we’ll send those out within a week or two. We’ll send out the challenge postcards at the end of the project in March 2016.

So why ask people to become Supporting Members?
This is simply an option for those that enjoy what we already do to help if they feel like it! This lets you support those that facilitate the project, helps 12 by 12 improve in quality and quantity. Thank you for your continued support, whether or not you decide to donate to the project.